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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Today and tomorrow

It's April Fool's Day today and the prompt photograph is appropriate, as the photographer has been very clever here on the beach at Collaroy, a beach we visited a few times when we lived in Sydney. My beach photograph is nowhere near as tricky, but being buried up to the neck was always good fun, so long as you weren't too close to the water line and had someone ready to dig you out. Our youngest child Laura, who must have been about 3 in this photograph, looks like she is planning to water these strange beach plants. I'm not sure of the beach but it was probably on the Central Coast north of Sydney.

That is my contribution to Sepia Saturday #361.

Now to change the subject more or less completely: My grandparents John Morrison 29 and Mona Mary Forbes 22 were married the day after April Fool's Day, on Wednesday 2 April 1919 at 218 Colombo St Christchurch NZ, the home of Mona's parents Charles and Jane Isabella Forbes.

                                   John and Mona on their                                                wedding day.

Here they are a few years later with their first two children Pat and Ken, possibly at or near Leithfield beach, a favourite place to go for a picnic day out.

 Some 35 years later in March 1961 they came to Australia for a visit and are pictured here at Palm Beach Sydney, a few beaches north of Collaroy where the Green brothers were photographed playing tricks. Mona was about my age in this photograph, and just a bit too old to play tricks on the beach, although I'm sure Jack had played his fair share of them in his time. How looks and fashions have changed!

    Eight years later Mona and Jack celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary at home in Christchurch on 2 April 1969. 

Tomorrow 2 April 2017 will be the 98th anniversary of the wedding of Mona and Jack, who by my count now have 45 direct descendants. Mona passed away in February 1972 and Jack followed in May 1977. 

 Happy Anniversary, dear Nan and Granddad!

ps. Coincidentally we attended a wedding picnic on 1 April last year for a nephew and his bride. It was a very happy and enjoyable day and the program of events unfolded just like a real wedding, with the groom's sisters acting as marriage celebrant and assistant, but the official ceremony had in fact taken place about 2 weeks earlier in the United Kingdom where the couple currently reside. I don't know if there was any significance to the date chosen, but I believe some of the guests were not initially aware that this was actually a post-wedding celebration for Australian family and friends.


  1. The photo of Jack and Mona on their wedding day is a delight. And I like that you found a photo of them on the beach to match the theme😊

  2. Their wedding day photograph takes my breath away...such a handsome couple!

  3. Your grandmother looks so casual in the wedding almost looks contemporary. .and the children plants are hilarious.

  4. Yes, Mona & Jack were a truly Handsome Couple .
    A Stillness & Grace in your photos of them.
    Thank You for sharing.

  5. They remained a handsome couple throughout their lives. The post-wedding celebration is not unusual; My son and daughter-in-law married in a simple ceremony in the States and then had a big celebration, with 'all the trimmings', some months later in UK.

  6. Your first photo is brilliant and of course spot-on for this weekend's theme. Adding a commemoration of Mona and Jack's wedding is like getting a second helping of cake!

  7. You came up with a great match for this week's prompt photograph, but the highlight of your post has to be the wedding photograph of your grandparents. They have such quietly happy expressions on their faces with gentle smiles. Mona's hair would be stylish today - it looks like a short cut, but did she have long hair worn up?

  8. Such a lovely match to the meme and then the date. Your grandparents look as if they had a loving relationship through many years...and they are very good looking too!

  9. Oh, all those little heads on the beach -- creepy and funny both. I hope no one came running and tripping over them.
    And I love the anniversary tribute! You and I were on the same page looking for a genealogical connection to the prompt although your story is far more cheerful than mine.